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of your SaaS B2B enterprise with our comprehensive patent services tailored to empower & safeguard your innovative technologies.

SaaS Companies Before Structure ai

  • Lack of Protection: Without patents, your AI ideas are vulnerable to being copied or used by others without compensation.
  • Missed Revenue: You might lose out on potential revenue streams by not capitalizing on your AI innovations through licensing or sales.
  • Competitive Disadvantage: Not having patents can put you at a disadvantage as competitors could freely replicate and capitalize on your AI technology.
  • Limited Investment: Investors may be hesitant to support your AI projects without the security and credibility that patents provide.
  • Difficulty in Funding: Securing research funding might be challenging without the intellectual property protection patents offer.
  • Anonymity: Your AI achievements might go unnoticed without patents, affecting your recognition within the AI community.
  • Credibility Gap: Lack of trained AI models and documentation could undermine your credibility in showcasing your practical accomplishments.
  • Stagnation: Your AI solutions might not contribute to industry standards or advancements if not protected and shared through patents.
  • Missed Collaboration: Without patents, potential licensing and collaboration opportunities with other companies may be lost.
  • Short-Term Focus: Without considering patents, your AI strategy might lack a long-term vision, potentially limiting your growth and impact in the field.

SaaS Companies After Structure ai

  • Legal Protection: Patents provide legal protection, preventing others from using, making, selling, or importing your AI invention without your permission.
  • Monetary Gain: Patents can be monetized through licensing or selling, generating revenue from your AI innovations.
  • Market Advantage: Patents establish your competitive edge by giving you exclusive rights to your AI technology, potentially deterring competitors.
  • Attracting Investors: Patented AI ideas can attract investors, as they demonstrate the uniqueness and potential profitability of your technology.
  • Research Funding: Patents can help secure funding for further AI research and development, aiding in innovation.
  • Recognition: Patents provide public recognition for your AI achievements, enhancing your reputation in the industry.
  • Innovation Credibility: Having trained AI models and documentation showcases your practical expertise, increasing your credibility as an AI professional.
  • Standardization: Patented AI technologies can become industry standards, leading to increased adoption and collaboration.
  • Licensing Opportunities: Patents can lead to licensing agreements with other companies, promoting the widespread use of your AI solutions.
  • Long-Term Strategy: Patents contribute to a long-term business strategy, safeguarding your AI investments and maintaining your position in the market.

WHY Structure ai?

Unlock a world of AI innovation by partnering with Structure ai, the essential ally for every B2B SaaS company.

  • With us, you can patent your groundbreaking AI ideas, ensuring they're protected and exclusively yours.
  • Our experts fine-tune AI models to perfection, tailored precisely to your needs.
  • We go the extra mile, documenting your journey in plain English.
  • simplifies the complex, making AI accessible.
  • For any B2B SaaS company aiming to excel in the AI landscape, is your go-to partner.
  • Your AI revolution begins with us.


Structure AI

Chief Sales Officer (CSO):

  • Developing and executing sales strategies tailored to the SaaS industry and specific services.
  • Identifying and pursuing new business opportunities in the SaaS market and related industries.
  • Building and nurturing strong relationships with potential clients, strategic partners, and vendors.
  • Setting ambitious sales targets and closely monitoring the sales team’s performance.
  • Collaborating with the marketing team to align sales efforts with effective lead generation and brand visibility.
  • Ensuring outstanding customer service and satisfaction to foster client retention and advocacy.

Chief Operating Officer (COO):

  • Overseeing the company’s daily operations to ensure streamlined and efficient processes.
  • Implementing and optimizing operational policies and procedures specific to the SaaS industry.
  • Identifying opportunities for cost optimization while maintaining high service quality.
  • Ensuring compliance with industry regulations and standards.
  • Managing and allocating resources effectively, including personnel, technology, and infrastructure.
  • Collaborating with other C-level executives to develop and execute the company’s strategic plans.
  • Mitigating operational risks and developing contingency plans to safeguard business continuity.

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO):

  • Developing comprehensive marketing strategies specifically tailored to the SaaS industry.
  • Conducting market research to understand customer needs, preferences, and industry trends.
  • Managing the marketing budget efficiently to maximize returns on investment.
  • Overseeing advertising, branding, and promotional campaigns to enhance brand visibility and attract target audiences.
  • Monitoring and analyzing marketing performance metrics to optimize marketing efforts continuously.
  • Building strong partnerships with vendors and influencers in the SaaS space to boost market presence.
  • Collaborating with the sales and product teams to align marketing initiatives with business goals

Chief Technology Officer (CTO):

  • Developing and driving the technology vision and roadmap suited explicitly for the SaaS industry.
  • Overseeing the development and implementation of innovative and scalable technology solutions.
  • Ensuring data security and privacy in line with SaaS industry standards.
  • Evaluating and integrating emerging technologies that can enhance the company’s competitiveness.
  • Collaborating with other departments to identify and address their technology needs effectively.
  • Building and leading a talented technology team proficient in SaaS development and related services.
  • Staying abreast of SaaS industry trends and advancements to provide cutting-edge solutions.

Chief Financialicericer (CFO):

  • Leading financial strategy and planning to drive fiscal growth and stability.
  • Developing and refining financial policies tailored to the organization's industry and goals.
  • Analyzing financial data to identify avenues for cost reduction and resource optimization.
  • Ensuring strict adherence to financial regulations and industry standards.
  • Managing and allocating financial resources efficiently, budgeting, and capital allocation.
  • Collaborating closely with fellow C-suite members to shape and execute the company's strategic initiatives.
  • Implementing risk management strategies and crafting contingency plans to ensure financial resilience.



  • In addition to our proficiency in crafting non-provisional AI patents that effectively safeguard your valuable intellectual property, we extend our expertise to include a range of professional offerings.

  • Our seasoned team of engineers and data scientists are readily available to provide hands-on assistance throughout the process. They are well-equipped to not only develop cutting-edge MVP learning models but also offer robust legal advice to fortify your endeavors.

  • Our meticulous documentation assistance ensures the smooth implementation of your innovations. As you venture into AI-driven landscapes, our business enterprise support becomes an invaluable asset, guiding you through the intricacies and challenges that may arise.

YOUR Structure AI TEAM

Alex Moses | CEO

He achieved the position of the youngest executive in a financial firm at the age of 24, at 29, he secured a remarkable nine-figure exit with his SaaS company.

He is recognized as a world-renowned human behaviorist, with praise from Steve Jobs.

Alex Moses owned his own venture capital fund and successfully operated multiple 8 and 9-figure businesses.


Derek Iannelli | COO

Derek expertly directs daily operations & streamlines procedures for peak efficiency.

Derek brings 25+ years in IT and recruitment to SGS as he deftly manages resources and ensures compliance.

Grounded in servant leadership, Derek adeptly integrates teams, nurtures vendor alliances, and consistently delivers exceptional outcomes.


Patrick Traylor | CMO

With more than 22 years of experience in marketing, creative execution, direction, and strategy, Patrick delivers strategic marketing leadership to clients and organizations.

Patrick's approach is rooted in data-driven decision-making, ensuring maximum impact.

He infuses this trait into his leadership style, steering initiatives toward success.


Brad Messer | CTO

Brad boasts 8 years of expertise in mainframe analytics and AI strategy.

His forte lies in mission-critical software engineering and research, with a notable reputation as an AI expert.

Brad is revered for his visionary thinking and knack for tailored solutions with an unwavering commitment to technology advancement and innovation.


Tim Borodin | CFO

Tim has a decade of experience in the IT industry .

Additionally, he has a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by MSPs in the fast-paced and constantly evolving technology industry.

His goal is to be a trusted partner in helping SGS clients streamline and optimize their finances while improving their overall performance and profitability.

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Structure AI offers an exceptional Associate program, providing individuals with a valuable opportunity to collaborate and contribute to the growth and success of our company.

Compensation Structure:

Associates at Structure AI receive a competitive compensation package, including the hourly rate earned on the projects. Additionally, they earn a commission of 10% for successfully bringing new business to Structure AI.

Minimum Contribution Requirements:

Structure AI values dedication and commitment. Therefore, all Associates are expected to contribute a minimum of 20 hours per week to the company. Their contributions can involve serving clients or actively seeking potential clients for Structure AI.

Ethics and Contribution Policy:

Maintaining ethical standards and fulfilling partnership obligations is of utmost importance at Structure AI. Any violations of ethical guidelines or failure to meet contribution requirements will be addressed promptly.

Vetting Process and Probation Period:

Every new Associate will be subject to a vetting process to become a partner. Associates must be voted in to become a partner by the existing partners, ensuring that only those who align with Structure AI's values and objectives are welcomed into the associate program.


Once a partner you will be eligible for quarterly bonuses, based on 5% of the available business fund, distributed among all associates to recognize their collective efforts.

Additionally, a Christmas bonus of 10% is provided to appreciate their hard work throughout the year.

At Structure AI, we foster a collaborative and growth-oriented environment, offering support, resources, and opportunities for personal development to ensure a mutually beneficial partnership for all involved.

The Associate program at Structure AI allows you to navigate the path to partnership and play a vital role in shaping the company's future and achieving success together.

Together, we can create a brighter future for Structure AI and all our associates!




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